We can all appreciate and see the absolute value the annual smiley photo, ideal for that space on grandparents’ mantle or a Christmas card. Backlit and a snapped in front of some perfectly golden foliage, each family member in their brand new subtlety coordinated attire. Though, as I whiz faster and faster through my own motherhood journey, the shots from our personal archives that jump out at me are of those snippets that come from the in between. When my husband sneakily grabs the camera while we are baking cookies; messy hair, mismatched socks, the kitchen in total disarray. The shot our photographer captured of Morris and I having a quick heart to heart before the next formal pose. The poorly cropped, kind of blurry images in burst mode from when my firstborn asks for my iPhone to get a picture of his brother and I on a nature walk. The quick snaps from our camping trips with peanut butter crusted smiles, tangled hair, runny noses, pyjama pants all day long and Birkenstocks with socks.

Hey, I’m back! The last time I visited this little corner of the internet was nearly 3 years ago. It is safe to say the arrival of our second babe totally kicked my ass, absolutely overwhelmed me with every imaginable emotion, filled me to the brim and put everything into perspective.

An idea popped into my head a while back. Was it groundbreaking? Nah. Was it an idea that excited me again? YES. Honest images of mothers alongside their children. Cozied up in your home together or outside at your most favourite secret spot doing something meaningful. Let your kids pick their prized, most ridiculous outfit. Please, please, please don’t stress over your hair or the weather or meeting at the perfect picturesque location. All you need to do is just cuddle them, play LEGO, let them jump on your bed while you fold laundry, make pancakes and play dough, go puddle jumping, practice that new trick at your local playground. I’ll work with the clutter and the tears and crusty toddler noses, bumps and bruises, nursing sessions, diaper changes, snack times and potty breaks. All of this is part of your story right now. We all know by now that these phases feel so tiring and tedious, but man oh man do they pass us by in a foggy blur.

It feels exciting and admittedly scary for me to be opening this part of my world back up, nonetheless, I would be so honoured if you were to invite me along to capture this snippet of time in your lives. These sessions will be offered for $275 for the remainder of 2018. I’ll hang out with my camera for about an hour then shoot you an email with a link to download your collection of images.

If you’re interested to see how this all unfolds, how about you follow along here…I can’t confidently promise this blogging thing will become a regular occurrence but I hope to share images and some occasional words on Instagram.

the mother project-2-2

the mother project-8

the mother project-1-2

the mother project-1

the mother project-2-3

the mother project-2

the mother project-3-2

the mother project-3-3

the mother project-4-2

the mother project-4-3

the mother project-4

the mother project-5-2

the mother project-5

the mother project-6-2

the mother project-3

the mother project-6

the mother project-7-3

the mother project-5-3

the mother project-7

the mother project-9

the mother project-7-2

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