Adam & I headed west for a little camping getaway on Vancouver Island last week. We met up with a whole bunch of his family as well as many great old friends from our days in Victoria. It’s such a beautiful part of the world, we spent a good chunk of our driving time [...and believe me, there was a good chunk of time to be had in the car...] scheming how we could relocate back to Victoria…while not giving up the mountain town life here in Canmore that we missed so much back when we lived on the Island.

Baby D visits the West Coast!


…in search of wild mushrooms!

Mushroom hunter.

What a haul of beautiful chanterelles. Dinner was so tasty that night.

The Driemel family takes their wood pile very seriously.

Adam’s getting pretty good with the camera these days. And he’s also become very devoted to hauling it around when I’d rather leave it behind to have a free hand. So…lots of photos of myself from this trip! [Which I think will be pretty cool for little Baby D to see once he or she is all grown up.]

We had only one day in Victoria, we made the best of it.

A huge oyster dinner at an old Victoria favorite, Ferris’.

4 Responses to ISLAND TRIP

  1. You guys are the darn cutest!!!! LOVE all the photos and perspectives, and of course love seeing lil’ Baby D! XOXOXOXO

  2. Love these pics, hate the price of that darn ferry! Also Mrs D…… fish? Didn’t think that was allowed when preggo! Wish I was there to share your balloon affect (insult not intentional – you look one sexy mama) xxx

  3. Love them all but have to say ADam that’s one killer shot of Julie with the sun flare! I love them you are the cutest family!!! One lucky little baby D!

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