I’m back to share just a bit more from Kristen and Evan’s wedding week. A few days after the big shebang, the three of us met up for a post-wedding shoot. The newlyweds were en route to the airport to catch a flight to their St. Lucia honeymoon and stopped in for a quick little, more-casual session in their wedding attire here in Canmore. They met through an Ultimate Frisbee club back during their Edmonton days, so we started out with a few action shots up at Quarry Lake.

The weather was dramatically different than it was on their wedding day! I don’t often get to shoot these sessions and I just love everything about it.

The best part about shooting after the wedding is that we can be much more liberal and casual about the dress and tux. These two were pretty keen to take a wee dip in Policeman’s Creek. I think it’s also nice that the bride can switch up her hairstyle just a bit, if she’d like.

Adam & I did a post-wedding session too. We’d always planned to do most of our wedding portraits at a later date so we could spend the majority of the day mingling with our guests. We’d hoped to be able to fit in a little shoot with our official photographers [old friends, Eunice Montenegro and Christina Craft] the day right after the wedding at the site where we were wed, but it just poured and poured and POURED for the entire 36 hours following our nuptials. [The gals were keen to shoot...but Adam & I just couldn't muster up the energy to head out into the unseasonably icky weather] Instead, we caught up with Beth [ENV Photography] here in Canmore a couple months later. I love that we have these images in the town where we reside and love so much. Beth did such a great job of capturing Canmore on a crisp autumn day.

The truth is, there really is nothing like catching the feeling on your wedding day, however I think the newlywed vibe is still quite present in this set of imagery. I have such amazing memories from the weeks and months following our wedding. Plus, it’s kind of nice to have a few photos of Adam with his beard…quite honestly, the last time he was clean shaven was on our wedding day two years ago!

Our 2nd anniversary is coming up later this week [LOVE you so much, Adam!] it was fun to dig through the archives revisiting images from this happy season of our lives. All of the photographers at our wedding [...ummm...there were LOTS] did an outstanding job. The whole recap is right here if you’re curious.

Again, CONGRATS Kristen and Evan. I hope you’re enjoying the newlywed vibe as much as I did!

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