Kristen and Evan invited their favorite people for a weekend in Lake Louise. These two, who met in Alberta but now live out in Ontario, have fond memories of exploring the Rockies in the early years of their relationship, so the famous lake was clearly the perfect location to celebrate their marriage.

Thanks a bunch to Jenn for coming along for the day.  Jenn was the gal that came out to Canmore earlier this spring for a mentor session with me, it was real fun to see her in action on Kristen and Evan’s wedding day…I’m excited to have her out shooting with me again this weekend!

Jenn’s photo.

Evan’s dad made all of these great wooden bowls for the table centrepieces. Jenn’s images below.

Jenn’s image

Kristen and Evan got engaged on a canoe trip. I loved that they found this fitting ring holder. Photo by Jenn.

Jenn’s image.

Photo by Jenn.

Photo by Jenn.

It was a pretty breezy day, there were whitecaps all over the lake and the canoe dock had been shut down. Luckily the wind calmed right at the end of our photo shoot so the newlyweds could head out for a quick paddle. They had the whole lake to themselves! It was perfect, especially considering their proposal story.

Adam was around to man the photo booth.


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos of your special day and hope you had as much fun as the photos indicate. The canoe ride is just over the top, Evan.
    Keep on having fun together.

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