There is a little whirlwind set to arrive around these parts in late January. We are in for a heck of a ride and we couldn’t be more excited [...well, unless we were our own parents, I suppose...they are all absolutely through the roof about this news!] Yesterday was the first ultrasound and all looks well in there.

Many bold individuals have already cracked the case and interrogated as to just why I’ve been sipping water/lemonade/artisan sodas/other lacklustre mocktails at social gatherings all summer…it seems as though my stone-cold sobriety combined with some pretty serious nesting around Chez Driemel has proven to be a bit of a giveaway. It feels good to be able to finally share the news officially…I’m THE WORST at secrets!

On the right is Adam’s favorite snap from our appointment yesterday, he thinks Baby D is giving him the thumbs up. I feel so ridiculously lucky to be setting off on such an adventure with this guy by my side. Our kid should be pretty stoked to have such a rad dad.

3 Responses to JUST A BIT OF NEWS…

  1. Yet another blog post that I just have to comment on…but for a totally different reason! YAY for you guys!!!! So happy for your excellent news! You’ll be such neat parents…especially if all of the cool stuff you have been pinning to “when you’re a cool mom one day” prevails! ;) Happy news indeed! Looking forward to hearing/seeing the updates! xo

  2. So happy for you , Julie!!!

  3. Congratulations to you both. All the best.

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