Last time I met up with Lindsay and Justin we got just a wee peek of her growing belly…a couple months later and she’s nearly fully ripe! Her lovely ladies that we’ve met a few times before [at her stagette and again on their wedding day] threw a beautiful baby shower at her and Justin’s Calgary home. Thanks to all these great gals for waiting for my return back to Alberta from Europe so I could be there to shoot this party…I’m so glad Baby Burger didn’t arrive early!

Next time I [& you!] will see Lindsay, she’ll be a mumma! Enjoy.

Remember this adorable little lady from one of our previous sessions!

What a happy year worth of images in this corner of their living room.

Any parents out there not familiar with this hilarious bedtime story? You probably should be!

Umm…believe it or not, this is actually the first baby belly I’ve ever touched. Lindsay, it’s been so fun watching you and Justin get this far…can’t wait to meet Baby Burger!

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a session like this…I just have to mention again how much I adore this Photographer For a Year project. If you’re interested in a bit more information, check it out.


  1. Those invitations are so radtastic!!! So are the photos! CUUUTE!
    …and might I add that you look fantastic!

  2. As always I love love love the photos and am super happy to have them. Thanks so much Julie!!!