Well, I arrived back home to Canmore last night. It’s pretty great to be back to the comforts of home, my husband, and a fridge full of veggies…but I’ll admit I’m still daydreaming of Italy! I really couldn’t have asked for more from my month away.

I’ve got a couple more weeks worth of images to share over the next little while. Here you can see a few snaps from Rome, Amalfi, Positano, and a few around our home base of Florence.

Enjoy Week 3!

Thank you Serena for setting up this great tour of Florence for us! Serena was also a HUGE help to Stacey and I when searching for an flat in the city. She owns a travel consulting/wedding planning company in Tuscany…it was such a pleasure to connect with her for a morning!

And then later that day, the lovely and immensely talented Mara invited us all over for a beautiful afternoon of crafting and calligraphy [...or doodling, in my case!] in the courtyard of her villa.

Well hello, Colosseum.

Off-leash dogs everywhere, amazing! However, the canine deposits everywhere that come along with off-leash dogs…not so amazing. One must carefully watch their step in the streets of Italian cities.

Stacey & I found a quaint little alley in Rome for our daily mezza caraffa di vino rosso della casa while Melissa was off shooting an engagement session. Throughout the whole trip, every time we turned around it seemed as though someone was trying to sell us something. So, when these two jolly men strolled up and broke out into a tune without a hat out, us naive gals thought it was so cute. Sure enough, after one very quick song, they shuffled around to all the patrons expecting a bit of compensation for their performance in the way of our precious Euros.

Amalfi, you are something else!

A fashion photo shoot on the pier.

These gals. I miss them!

Want more? Week 1. Week 2.

2 Responses to ITALY. WEEK 3.

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, love. You have such a beautiful way of capturing our journeys!

  2. So much Italia!

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