This past week has been all about day trips for Stacey and I. We visited Siena, Lucca and Fiesole. Yesterday, another photographer friend, Melissa arrived in town and tomorrow we are off on a whirlwind overnight trip to Rome and the Amalfi Coast.

Our itinerary is looking pretty tight for the rest of the trip, so you might want to savour this blog post – I’m not sure if I’ll get much laptop time in the next while! That said, you can be certain us three photo-geeks will be Instagramning non-stop along the way. Follow along… @juliesvea, @staceyhedman@melschollaert.

We spent a morning browsing Florence’s Mercato Centrale – just amazing. It also made me miss my husband in a big way, he’s a retired chef who still has a pretty intense love for food, he would have been smitten with that place!

Siena was incredible.

A bit of a different view of the Duomo.

We seriously just stumbled upon this scene in Fiesole. Italian’s have pretty cute laundry, don’t ya think?

I’ve definitely consumed enough cheese to last me for the rest of 2013.

I’m just smitten with all the outdoor eateries.

Cameras. Wine. Good company. This pretty much sums up our days.

Here was week 1.

5 Responses to ITALY. WEEK 2.

  1. Yup. Italy looks pretty good there MrsD. Like the bikes and all the lights! The cartoony chef enjoying a glass of wine in between pictures of biciclettas looks like a friendly fellow!

  2. Julie, I am loving all your pictures! Especially the laundry, and the rickety old bike with a Louis Vuitton bag dangling off the side. The tulips and cute outdoor plant markets are making my heart hurt (it’s still all dirty snow and slush here on the prairies). Also, I can’t help but notice how fabulous everyone’s shoes are (even that little boy washing his hands!)

  3. Just love all the photos…it is a beautiful area and through your eyes and camera it just makes me want to go there RIGHT NOW! Enjoy your stay and have a glass of wine or two for me please!

  4. absolutely fabulous……..thanks for sharing….enjoy the rest of your ‘working’ vacation :)

  5. I LOVE the laundry line photo!!! What an incredible trip and beautiful weather you are having! Can only imagine the photo album you’ll put together from this.

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