A couple Fridays ago, Adam & I headed downtown for what turned into a particularly chatty sushi date. Our conversation hit quite a few topics: how much I loved visiting an old set of newlyweds-turned-brand-new-mum-&-dad in their home that week; just how simply awesome our first year as MR & MRS had been; the fact that I had truly enjoyed a relatively carefree month of May before the crazy season kicked off into full swing. Somehow, from that mishmash of topics we started brainstorming some goals and ideas for the future of my business. It’s not an unusual occurrence for me to come home from shoots and gush to Adam about how much I really enjoy getting to know the people I work with, especially when they hire me again and again. The people I meet are without a doubt the best part of my job. My favorite portion of any portrait session or wedding is the storytelling side; the bit of our time together when I stop directing and step back, become the fly on the wall.

So, on that Friday night at our humble little local sushi joint an idea was born: Photographer for a Year. I’m so excited for this. I want to quietly sneak into your life to join you and your family for 12 months worth of adventures…as well as the everyday routine. I want to tell a year-long story of your life – not through a year’s worth of portraits, but by joining you as the fly on the wall for the exciting milestones as well as the less-special, but still notable day-to-day activities that you hold near and dear.

The more I think about this project, I’m realizing that it would be just ideal for a young family…but really, part of what sparked the idea was our discussion about how awesome our first year as an old married couple has been. We’ve done some pretty cool stuff this year, as do most newlyweds, it would be pretty rad to join another duo for their first 12 months of wedded-bliss!

I’ve spelled it all out right here. PLEASE take a peek! Let me know what you think, pitch me your ideas. Perhaps it’s not quite the right time for you, but maybe you’ve got a friend who would be on-board. Pass it along. Because I’m so excited to launch this new side of my little biz, I’m offering 50% off for the first group that signs up…and then probably a few more reasonable discounts for the next couple families. The pricing info is all right here!

If you’d be so kind to invite me along for the ride, this is kind of what I think your year could look like:

Photo of my family by: Snickerdoodle Photography

This photo of US by: Stacey Hedman

Photo of me by: Stacey Hedman.

Finally, this is a pretty new concept for me…I’m absolutely open to all sorts of suggestions, ideas and feedback you may have.


  1. This is thee most brilliant idea! I LOVE IT! Now if only we lived closer.. I’m in Port Hardy!! lol Wonderful idea, someone will jump on this and have an amazing year captured by your talent!

  2. Wow! This is a great idea. I wish we were the right kind of candidates!!
    I will pass this along to whoever I can!

  3. I wish I lived in Canada! Great idea :D

  4. Love love love love love! YOUR’E HIRED!!!! (ha ha, that’s gonna cost me…) But seriously, what a wonderful idea and you will truly touch some lives in this way. All the best!

  5. This is so well put together! Brilliant really! I was out to dinner with some photog friends this past week and we were talking about how offering something like this would be so cool but “HOW ON EARTH WOULD WE CHARGE FOR SOMETHING LIKE THAT” then BAM! there it is you threw it down wonderfully! Folks are going to be super lucky to have you document their lives! I could totally see this being addicting!

    • Nikki, thanks for the kind words! The feedback from my colleagues, past clients, friends and followers has just made me so happy. Many of my colleagues have mentioned they’ve been trying to figure out a way to make something like this work…fingers crossed it can take off and become a new sub-genre of photography. I think it might take some time, but I have high hopes!

  6. Kate, what a brilliant idea to offer a story to go along with the images…I’d just love to collaborate with someone like you. This may be something I look into down the road once I’ve got the rest of the project nailed…I’m anticipating learning a lot along the way, and I can’t wait!