Maddy and Ryan each have such a great set of very close friends. They met nearly ten years ago at her 16th birthday party through mutual friends, a brother and sister, actually! They chose to host their wedding in Radium, BC where Ryan’s family has had property for the past five years. The area has become like a second home to the couple, and it was a great little close-to-home vacation for all their guests [...and their photographer! Adam & I rounded up some good friends had an incredible BC camping weekend once their nuptials were wrapped up. It was so warm, I didn't have to put on jeans or socks once throughout the entire trip...that's my kind of camping, not often possible on this side of the Rockies.] Maddy and Ryan, a huge congratulations to you…thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patience for this sneak peek while I was away getting married, myself.

The images below are Maddy en route to their first look. By doing a first look, it meant that the couple had already wrapped up their portrait session and was ready to head straight to cocktail hour to mingle with all the guests immediately after the ceremony. Adam & I did this also and it was perfect! Stacey’s photo on the left…what a gown! I just loved everything about Maddy’s dress.

This cute old cabin was right beside the family property, we used it as the site for their big reveal.

Stacey’s photo on the left, mine on the right.

Flower girls are always adorable…however, these two were particularly charming. When they got to the front of the aisle, one of them proudly greeted, “Hello everyone! Hey guys!” The ring bearer was Maddy & Ryan’s dog, Oscar.

My image on the left, Stacey’s on the right.

Stacey’s images.

Stacey’s photo on the right.

Like I said, Maddy has the most amazing group of girlfriends…here they are!

They had friends take turns manning the bar all night long. Stacey’s photos.