Faye and Russell are from a small village in the Scottish Highlands. Their love story just makes me happy, the two families have known each other for their decades, the young couple have been an item since she was just 14…not only high school sweethearts, but child hood sweethearts.

They had been contently living together for so long that Faye had nearly put the idea of marriage aside when Russell surprised her with a proposal while on a holiday in the Greek Islands. Shortly after this, they relocated their lives to Canada. They’ve falling head over heels for the Canadian Rockies and decided that they just had to host their wedding close to their new home; they chose Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden. Nearly the entire guestlist was composed of close friends and family from their hometown. Seeing such a great group travel so far for this event was such a testament to the strong set of roots their community has built.

The afternoon started out pretty drizzly and blustery, unfortunately pretty typical for a Scottish wedding…

…but things cleared up perfectly once the guests arrived up top. I have to say, my couples have had some seriously amazing luck in terms of nasty weather turned beautiful. Of course it’s not always flawless, however, in the past couple of years I can’t recall single outdoor ceremony forced inside, nor a portrait session that’s been 100% rained out. I’m hoping some of this good luck carries through to our outdoor wedding later this month!

A close family friend preformed the majority of the ceremony, and local Golden commissioner, Simone was on hand to make things legal.

An amazing layer of clouds rolled in as they were pronounced Mister and Missus.

4 Responses to FAYE+RUSSELL

  1. What a beautiful scenery for a wedding. And I really enjoy your pictures

  2. Stunning pictures Julie! Makes me smile remembering what a fantastic day it was and to have you capture it all on film (well you know what i mean ;)) is just brilliant. Your photography is top-class every photo made me go aww wow! Thanks for capturing all the special moments us guests would have missed, love it <3 xxT

  3. Faye you look absoultely stunning i actually shed a tear browsing your albulm im so happy for you both and so so gutted i could not make it :( can you do it all again to mark your year anniversary??? Love to you both with ur future and hurry back to glesga xxx

  4. Congrats to Faye & Russell – what a beautiful bride, groom and day!
    Julie- absolutely beautiful photos (as always!)

    We’re so honoured to have all of you at Kicking Horse!