Back in January, I got an email from Callandra with a link to this little contest - a collaboration between the two gals behind Elizabeth Anne Designs and The Sweetest Occasion. It was in the deep dark depths of winter and we both needed a wee project to kick start our creative juices. I was in. Before long, she’d also recruited Shannon from Spoonful of Sugar Invites, Alannah from the former Cozy Cove Bake Shoppe in Banff, Eve from Forget-Me-Not Flowers and local gal, Candice from Tying Knots to join in on the collaboration.

Callandra’s envisioned a Wintery Canadiana Glam theme to the shoot; we were all hooked. The first thing I thought of was, of course, Hudson’s Bay blankets and red. Lots of RED. Luckily, I’m not the designer and Callandra had a totally different, more subtle vision to portray our Canadiana roots. We had a morning coffee date in Alannah’s ridicuously cute Banff home…of course, complete with a spread of homemade macaroons, muffins and nanaimo bars. We chatted colors, textures, linens, lustres…eventually the color scheme was inspired by a set of plates which was displayed in Alannah’s china cabinet. Next, she took us out to her garage which would rival any hoity-toity antique shop around. So many of the great pieces featured in this shoot came from her incredible collection.

It was obvious that we had to play up the Rocky Mountains in the shoot. Not many people have access to these incredible peaks. We searched high and low for weeks leading up to the shoot for a suitable spot for everything to come to life. I feel like I know this neck of the woods pretty good, especially when it comes to understanding what works for a decent photo. Let me tell you, this was the most challenging site scouting mission I’ve ever been involved in. Our biggest concern was wind. Linens, antique china and an impressive floral arrangement don’t fair well in anything more than a light breeze. Unfortunately, all my favorite epic Rocky Mountain viewpoints are prone to some pretty good gusts of wind. We decided we may have to forfeit the grand view and began looking for a bit of shelter. 2011 has been a big snow year in the Bow Valley; everywhere we could find that was sheltered from the wind was also covered in 2-3 feet of snow…beautiful, but not realistic to set up any kind of a tablescape. A couple days before the planned shoot we had a few spots in mind that would work in a pinch, but nothing which was ideal. By a stroke of luck, the afternoon before the shoot, Callandra drove past a little pullout and voila, it was our spot! It worked out perfectly and we were so lucky to have a solid four hours of really, really decent weather to pull it all off.

This project was a lot of work, but it was absolutley 100% worth it in the end. It was so valuable for me to work so closely with these fantastic business ladies. Usually, I don’t have much to do with the other vendors leading up to the wedding day, and even on the day of, we’re all busy working our own tasks there’s not much exchange between us all. There were several email conversations back and forth between the team about the plans, for the most part though, once the concept was set, everyone just showed up on shoot day ready to go. I, personally, was never nervous of how it would come together – there was a huge amount of trust between everyone involved…and it really did come together seamlessly. Teamwork is pretty cool!

Finally, a big thanks to newlyweds – Jessica and Collin who were our brave and patient bride and groom for a day. Jessica has an excellent, eclectic wardrobe and was able to provide much of her own wintery metallic wardrobe. She is a manager at Stonewaters, here in Canmore. She kindly lent a few great mountain culture pieces from the store that added to the ambiance. And Collin, thank you for not bursting out in laughter when we brought out the giant gold [awesome!] crocheted bow tie for you to wear.

It’s Rocky Mountain day on the EAD blog today! Not only is our entry featured, but so is Rebecca & Paul’s autumn Lake Lousie Wedding. Click, click!

Whew! That’s quite the little explanation for a few photos…enjoy!

Concept and Design: Cherry Tree Occasions | Stationary: Spoonful of Sugar| Sweet Table: Alannah | Florals: Forget-Me-Not | Hair and Makeup: Tying Knots | Dress: Tara Keely


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! I used to work with Jessica at Stonewaters, she is such a sweetheart in addition to being beautiful, such a cute couple. Love all the creativity in all the details. Amazing team work!

  2. Great post Julie! I’m not sure I’ll be able to throw down one quite as brilliant!

  3. pretty, pretty details!!

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