When I head up to see my parents, I often feel a bit sorry for my dad. As soon as mum gets wind that I’m planning a trip to visit them, she begins to book lots of fun projects for us and plenty of “girl outings”. Poor dad often only gets to see me in the office each morning while I catch up on emails and at meal times.

Last week dad & I planned a father-daughter trip to Nelson…which is a little more his style than the ways that my mum and I spend time together. To break up the drive, we stopped for a quick swoosh at Floe Lake in Kootenay National Park. I’m glad I packed my camera because the scenery was really neat. I’ve always been oddly intrigued with the aesthetics of a burnt forest.

Dad suggested I get a photo of the new trees poking through the snow so that in 30 years, I can take my kids skiing on this trail and remember to tell them how small the trees were when I skied it with their Grandpa.