Underwear seems to have always been an underlying theme during some of the most the monumental moments of Aimee and David’s relationship. They first met as neighbors in downtown Toronto. They owned side-by-side lofts. They’d never really gotten to know each other until one evening when David locked himself out – in his underwear. He really had no choice but to knock on the door of his really cute neighbor, who happened to be Aimee. This event launched them into a full on love affair. Sometime later, on the way home from work David made a quick stop in at Birks and greeted Aimee with a nice little diamond, who was working from home…still in her underwear.

Aimee and David own a holiday home up at Kicking Horse Resort, so it was an obvious choice to say their vows up on top of that particular mountain. It was such a treat for me; the views up there are clearly unbelievable, and more importantly, for the first time in weeks I was able to escape the mosquito epidemic by getting up into the alpine. Furthermore, we were offered what I consider perfect wedding weather. Anyone who knows me, is quite aware that I love, love, love, LOVE shooting on cloudy days. This collection of images is a perfect example of why. As a natural light photographer, I rely hugely on the quality of light offered  up by mother nature. Of course I am able to shoot under whichever conditions I am given…but a nice soft sky will allow me so much more freedom! I was able to compose my images from any angle without worrying about harsh shadows being cast on Aimee and David’s faces. Long story short: hope for some nice [nonthreatening!] clouds on your wedding day!

Once again Ms. Dibble came along to help me out. This time we were shooting on her home turf. I thought I had scheduled a very ambitious weekend – 3 weddings in 3 days between Banff, Canmore and Golden, BC. Well, after we’d wrapped up shooting Jessica and Stuart’s Canmore wedding on Friday evening, Claire hit the road home to Golden. She was up bright and early for a client meeting on Saturday. Then it was off to an early afternoon elopement for Dibble Photography. And to top it all off, since she’s a wedding photography machine, she came along to check out Aimee & David’s nuptials on the mountaintop. That’s 4 weddings in 72 hours for her.

Thank you SO much for having us Aimee & David…it really was a perfect wrap up to my marathon wedding weekend.

Golden BC Wedding Photographers

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Photo by Claire.

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